About The Pursuit Program

In October, 2013, an educational program, called “The Pursuit Program,” was developed, which has been implemented in school districts throughout Western Pennsylvania. The Pursuit Program develops and prepares students grades 6-12, for success while in high school, college and for life after college, utilizing mentors and their life experiences to help empower them to reach the highest level of success.

The goal of The Pursuit Program is to help students understand that they will have many challenges that they will be faced with in life. However, it is important for them to learn that how they choose to handle these situations is what really matters.

The Pursuit Program’s facilitators are all former professional or collegiate athletes. This captures the attention of the students immediately and enables them to be more open to not only listen to what they have to say, but also probes them to think more positively.

The Pursuit Program targets students who need extra encouragement to excel in their academics. The curriculum used surrounds the insight that has been written in the best-selling book, “The Pursuit with Patience,” to help educate the students. As a part of the program, each student receives a life skills workbook, called “The Pursuit Workbook.” This life skills curriculum provides the essential steps to success for students. It is constructed around the skills that are acquired from being involved in athletics and demonstrates how to use lessons from team activities in their everyday life to help achieve success.

The Pursuit Program is similar to a mentoring program and provides a platform for the students to acquire additional knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to be successful individuals and life-long learners. This program focuses on topics such as the following: Success, Planning, Positioning, Persistence, Goal-setting, Drive, Dedication, and offers a forum for students to address any issues they are having in school or at home openly. The Pursuit Program instills key attributes that are necessary to excel and the facilitators are able to connect with students.

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